E-commerce surge!

Jakarta 7/10/2009

Recently Erasys have been involved in pitches as well as projects within scope of e-commerce. People may find it hard to define really what e-commerce really is. Some may say a website itself is e-commerce some have stores that help them get leads. However the e-commerce we define here are websites that actually transact over the internet, using credit cards.

Some facts about e-commerce in indonesia:

  • They transact due to two main factors
    • Cost effective, save travel time/cost
    • Ease of use, only need credit cards
    • Online only items, overseas items
  • Indonesian E-commerce target market:
    • 2/3 of internet user are male
    • 39.6% are S1 graduates
    • 34.5% are high school graduates
    • Average spending of Rp 1-2 million / month

If your company would like to take advantage of the benifit of e-commerce contact us for more information on how to effectively use the web to increase business.